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NOTE: DUE to the coronavirus we are holding church electronically.


Register to get the link to attend Digital Church on Sabbath. You can also sign up for the optional small prayer groups when you register!  Only register once for the entire summer, come whenever you like same as before. Feel free to share this with friends and family!

Register here right now



We can adjust as needed, I will try to do more polls this time around!

8:30am PT (9:30am MT) – Assemble, test devices & visit.

8:45am PT (9:45am MT) – Welcome, announcements & opening prayer 

9:00am PT (10:00am MT) – SS Lesson

9:55am PT (10:55am MT) – 5 Minute BREAK – Don’t leave but can stretch.

10:00am PT (11:00pm MT) – Sharing time – Prayer & Praise  

10:30am PT (11:30am MT) – Closing Prayer & Optional Small Prayer Groups (each group can go as long as they like.)    

Sermon/Bible Study – TBA – For now enjoy the many options online. If you need ideas let me know!



"NORMAL" EVENTS: We meet each Sabbath at 9:30am for Sabbath School and 11am for divine service.  Fellowship meal the second Sabbath of the month.

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