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Church offices

So who is in charge of what?  Don't know who to ask about something or make a suggestion? 

For doctrinal questions ask any of the elders, deacons, or Pastor.
For social event ideas or comments ask anyone on the social committee.
For any building renovation issues talk to the building committee chair - Angela Poch.
For maintanence, snow removal, lights burnt out, etc. get a hold of the Head Deacon.
For concerns/comments relating to potlucks or communicion service questions ask the Head Deaconess.
For inpersonal issues with another member (first go to that member, if you still can resolve it, talk to any of the elders).
For questions about Sabbath School - adult or childrens - contact the Sabbath School Superintendant.
For general questions about church service, events, etc. or anything your not sure about ask the Communication's Secretary and they will get you to the right department or person.

(For church job descriptions click here to download the folder containing ALL the job descriptions in detail.)

Church officers 2016

  • Head Elder*: Elliot Tam
  • Elder*: Garth MacMinagil
  • Chaplain Elder*: Jim Evans
  • Clerk*: Janice Evans
  • Treasurer*: Scott Alexander
  • Assistant Treasurer: Linda Lund       Jr. Treasurer: Caleb Tam
  • Bulletin Secretary: Linda Lund
  • Head Deacon*: Garth MacMinagil
  • Deacons: Nathon Hall, Caleb Tam, Jordan Poch
  • Head Deaconess*: Pam Alexander
  • Deaconesses: Dusty Levesque, Luella Hofland, Mariah Tam, Diane Baird
  • Audio Coordinator (Head): Nathon Hall
  • Audio Assistants: Wayne Castellarin, Caleb Tam, Jordan Poch
  • Communications Director*: Pam Alexander
  • Website: Angela Poch
  • Greeter (Head): Dusty Levesque
  • Greeters: Luella Hofland, Jordan Poch
  • Literature Evangelism:  Angela Poch
  • Men’s Ministry Leader*: Pastor   Men’s Ministry Team:  Kerette Watson, Paul Lowe
  • Music Coordinator: Heather Tam     Assistant: Mariah Tam
  • Personal Ministry Leader*: Pastor, Tammy Molina  Team: Janice Evans, Paul Lowe, and Kerette Watson.
  • Sabbath School Superintendent*:  Scott Alexander
  • Social Committee: Dusty Levesque and Keri Hall
  • Woman’s Ministry Leader*: Tammy Molina  Woman's Ministry Team: Janice Evans.
  • Building Committee (head)*: Angela Poch    
  • Building Committee:  Wayne Castellarin, Jim Evans, Nathon Hall, Linda Lund, Garth MacMinagil, Josue Molina, Tammy Molina, Jim Poch.
* = Church board positions.