Church Building Progress and Info

We welcome any help on the building project.  If you have ANY questions about this project contact the building committee chair - Angela Poch -- angela@higherpath.ca

We have finished the upstairs flooring and are currently finishing the basement bathrooms.  We still have many small things to do and a few large projects.  We need all the trim done, kitchen, and 20-30 "little" things then we can move onto the 2nd phase.  Your financial and/or physical support is appreciated so we can continue this project.  Here is a couple BEFORE and AFTER pics:

More pictures below.

Currently, there is a 2 Phase plan to completely renovate our church and make it wheelchair accessable.  Phase 1 includes getting the inside upstairs and downstairs up to building code plus updating the entire look and feel of the church.  We have added more bathrooms, enlarged a small classroom, and will soon add a brand new kitchen, flooring, and much more.  Phase 2 will be adding wheelchair accessablity, new roof, windows, and fixing up the outside of the building.

We are solicting money for paying off Phase 1 and for starting Phase 2 right now so please donate - use the online giving link at the top of this page or visit Go Fund Me for more details!

Church To Do list:
Revised 2016-02-24


SAGE came and helped us get the upstairs gutted and ready for drywall.  We are so grateful and would NOT be where we are today without them.  They took at least 2 years of work off our building commitee, praise the Lord.  If you are over 50 and want to serve God join Sage - learn more here.
  • Tile downstairs bathrooms after painting – March
  • Finishing electrical – emergency lighting, smoke detectors, etc. – March
  • Install bathroom fixtures/cabinets upstairs – DONE
  • Rock work by Russ after painting is complete – DONE
  • Fix squeaks in floor upstairs – DONE
  • Carpet – hired out – DONE
  • Move pews and stuff back into church - DONE
  • Purchase new pulpit & table – March if $$
  • Add trim, conduit/molding upstairs – March if $$$
  • Guard Rails – 36” high, max 4” spacing – April if $$
  • Install new kitchen – May if $$
  • New tables and chairs for classrooms and fellowship room – when have $$$
  • Add trim, conduit/molding downstairs - when have $$$
  • Finishing touches: Add hooks to front for hanging banners, etc.; mount projector to ceiling; install library shelves, etc.
Projected dates are subject to church member availability to help and funds being available. MOST of the work can be done by anyone who can follow directions. 
Direct ALL questions, or ideas, to building committee chair:  Angela Poch angela@higherpath.ca 250-420-7145

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